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Volter s.r.o. is the exclusive manufacturer and rightful owner of multifunctional sport strollers also a children´s trolley xRover, which is the top product on the market due to its versatile usage, technical features and safety points.

The basic model of xRover can be used year-round as a sport stroller or rehab-stroller not just for hiking, also for jogging, in-line skating or just for going shopping. xRover is currently produced in three models - small, medium and large.  Every model has a wide range of features and equipment for different kinds of uses.

The stroller is classed as a medical mean for transport. It is designed for children and people with limited mobility. It enables them to spend more time outside, with utilizing many sport activities.

Models M and L are assigned exclusively for disabled people. The smallest alternative S can be used for children from 6 months (with the autoseat from birth), the other two alternatives M and L are useable for people with limited mobility to a height of 180cm and weight of 120kg. The product is certified by the ČSN – EU norms.

More information about the product you can find on this link: xrover.cz